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 Marketing strategy. 

  • Market Research

  • Audience / Persona Identification

  • Brand Development & Strategy

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Campaign Planning

  • Campaign Coordination & Execution

  • And, More!

Understand your customer’s needs and wants, industry trends and challenges, and the latest and most effective marketing methods. Make a plan to stay forefront in your industry and the market.


Modern marketing strategy connects experience and inspiration, with the most efficient and innovative digital and traditional marketing tactics. As your modern marketing consultant I will:

  1. Research and de-code the complexities of your marketplace, customers, products and/or services, challenges, and successes.

  2. Guide you through a strategic marketing process of identification, execution, engagement, and evaluation specific to your business.

  3. Deliver a comprehensive and realistic modern marketing strategy to meet your marketing and business goals.

  4. Recommend objectives and an effective, innovative plan of action.

If you are looking to start or grow your brand and business, or simply assess a new market position or tactic, get in touch to discuss how a modern marketing strategy can put (and keep) your business on the right track.


When required, carefully selected partners in a variety of specializations (graphic designers, photographers, videographers, printers, sign makers, event planners, etc...) are called upon to help put your modern marketing strategy into action.