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What is Your Marketing CHalenge? 

No two businesses have the same marketing challenge. There is no single marketing solution that is going to solve every business challenge with the same results, every time.  


The first step in modern marketing is to truly understand your marketing challenge.  Here’s a top ten list of the most common marketing challenges I’ve heard and that I can help you to solve:


  1. You don’t understand your audience: Lots of people know who you are, good. Lots of people visit your website, even better. You don’t understand why they aren’t buying, urgh.

  2. Your audience doesn’t understand you: “I didn’t know you did that.”

  3. It’s time to introduce new solutions: You are an entrepreneur. You are an inventor. You’ve come up with the next big thing. It’s sitting on your shelf, collecting dust.

  4. No one is calling: That’s it, that’s all. No one is calling.

  5. You need to close more sales to survive: This is fundamental for the operations of your company. Lots of people know who you are, but nobody signs on the dotted line.

  6. You want to create raving, loyal fans: You sold your product or service, awesome! But you’ve never seen or heard from these customers again. Or maybe you did because they were not-so-kind in their online review of your business.

  7. Planning for your long-term: Business is going well. You don’t need any new customers right now, money is coming in, life is good. Doesn’t sound like a challenge to me! It’s not. It’s an opportunity.

  8. I tried that, and it didn’t work: It worked well for the folks next door, it must be the right idea for your business too. Why you aren’t seeing the same results?

  9. You want to be more modern: Your business continues to do what you’ve always done because it works… well, sort of. What you’ve always done has kept you afloat, but you don’t set growth goals because you’re just not sure how to get there in today’s modern marketplace. You don’t want to let yourself down.

  10. You’re great at what you do: You don’t know the first thing about marketing, you slept through that class in college.


If you’ve reached this page of my website, you likely can relate to one or more of these scenarios. Or, do you have your own unique marketing challenges that didn’t make this top ten list? If so, I’d love to hear from you too!


Learn more about the process that I use with my clients to resolve these marketing challenges and create customized, modern marketing strategies to engage customers, sell more, and ultimately succeed in meeting business goals.